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Home Buyer, San Jose, CA – August 21, 2012

“We are very fortunate to have Tina as our buyer’s agent. Earlier this year, based on the profiles and reviews available on Zillow, we planned to contact her. Our first time meet was to take a look at a foreclosure townhouse. She explained many questions clearly, and our discussion went pretty well. Thus, we decided to continue to let her as our agent. She is efficient in gathering information and preparing the documents ahead. For example, we think the efficient way is not to drop by so many different houses without a clear motivation, but to focus on the favor we like, e.g. lot size/ square feet/ price range/school. Based on the detailed information she provided, we finally got this great deal within 3 months. She always responds promptly to our questions and does her best to negotiate with the listing agent for us. She is always passionate and energetic, ready to help us even after the close of escrow. We strongly recommend her if you are looking for a buyer agent or listing agent.”


Home Buyer, Sunnyvale, CA – August 6, 2012

“We had the pleasure of working with Tina to purchase our first new home in 2012. We were very fortunate to meet Tina at the open house. Her honesty, responsiveness, and accessibility went beyond our expectations from a Realtor. She was very honest, disclosing any details on the listing. She was very hard working and always replied phone and emails promptly. She planned things ahead and explained every step to us, which is very important for us as first time home buyer. She always made sure all involved parties are fully informed and the process is moving along accordingly. During escrow, she was pro-active in dealing with our mortgage agent and the title company to ensure that escrow closed in a timely manner.

We are very happy to find such an exceptional real estate agent. We highly recommend Tina as your agent whether you are selling or searching for a home. She’s a keeper.”

Home Seller, San Jose, CA – July 23, 2012

“Upon my first meeting with Tina Lam and Michael Cheng of Archer Homes, it was obvious that they were both extremely knowledgeable about the Silicon Valley real estate market. I learned so much in that initial coffee chat we had and knew immediately that I wanted to partner with them to sell my home. Based on my very positive experience, I recommend them highly if you are considering buying or selling your home. Their knowledgeable and experience on the market as well as the home selling and buying process is UNPARALLELED.

I was particularly impressed by Tina and Michael’s ability to cater to my busy schedule. We met promptly at my odd hours and the location of my preference. They always responded promptly by email and phone. In the middle of the whole process, I moved to Chicago to attend business school and they put me at ease conducting many of the processes virtually. They ensured a smooth process even when I was physically away.Throughout the whole process, I was comforted that they had my best interest in mind.

During the open house, they staged my home beautifully (even repairing a broken appliance) and were able to receive multiple quality offers within a few days. They worked with me to select the best offer and navigate the complex selling process.

I cannot say enough positive things about Tina and Michael. They are good people who put your best interest above everything else. Beyond that, they deliver tremendous value.”


Home Buyer, San Jose, CA – Jan 6, 2012

“As a first time home buyer, I was unsure of where to start. We began by searching the typical real estate websites and soon realized that we’d need more help. I knew that I’d need to find an agent who I could trust, was easy to work with, and would have my best interest in mind. I sent out a couple emails to agents in the area and was surprised at how long it took to get a response (one took over a week, the other didn’t respond). Then I found Archers Homes and got a response the very next day. After a short conversation, Tina scheduled visits to a number of apartments in my target area for that very weekend! With my guidance, she was able to narrow down the potential units given my budget and personal preferences. During the first meeting, she made it clear that my best intentions were her top priority.

Over the next 3-4 months, Tina helped to schedule visits and worked with us to put offers in on a few units, the first being a short sale. Although the search was long (and exhausting), Tina didn’t lose hope and stuck with us through the process. Not once did she try to push a unit that we didn’t like onto us. After winning a bid, Tina provided loan broker contacts and was extremely helpful in closing the deal. She spent countless hours at the new condo as we had people appraise and inspect the property – saving us from having to take off of work to be present. Bottom Line: If any of my friends/family in the southbay are looking to purchase a property, I will definitely recommend Tina Lam. She will keep the buyers best interest at heart.”


Home Buyer, Sunnyvale, CA – Nov 12, 2011:

“Knowledgeable, proactive, and intelligent way beyond the average level of a real estate broker, Tina knows the tools of her trade and uses them expertly to consistently produce excellent results. From high level market analysis, to knowledge of obscure local regulations, to a sharp eye always open for even the most minute details of a property, she will turn every bit of information into an advantage for her client.

Tina listened carefully to my requirements, observed my reaction to different properties, and continued refining the selection criteria, even as she was guiding me through increasingly more attractive properties. Once a purchase decision was made, she moved swiftly and competently to help me negotiate an excellent price and drive the deal to a close. Highly recommended!”


Home Seller, Mountain View, CA – Nov 5, 2011:

“Tina worked incredibly hard all the way through the process of selling my home. She knows the Bay Area market well and had my condo in contract and back off the market within days after multiple offers came in immediately. She was savvy during the negotiation process and kept me well informed along the way. She also communicates great over email which was a major plus for me.”


Home Buyer, Sunnyvale, CA – Nov 2, 2011:

“When we first began our realtor search, we had two requirements. First, we wanted someone who would truly have our best interest at heart. Second, we wanted someone with the knowledge to help us make a good financial decision, because we were looking for a balance between a home and an investment. We chose Michael Cheng and Tim Lam because we thought they were the perfect combination of what we were looking for and after our 6+ month search, feel they definitely delivered. Tina really cared about what we wanted and was not happy unless we were happy. Michael has a MBA and specializes in investments and both have experience with all types of properties, so this made us feel confident that our purchase was a financially a good decision. We asked many, many questions, and Michael was always very prompt and thorough in his responses from morning to late at night. Tina did a great job in preparing us for the quick moving California market where multiple offers are common and was always on top of new opportunities and tracking progress of the many offers we submitted. Michael and Tina had an excellent sense of what we wanted and both were very patient with allowing us to search until we could see first-hand what we also felt was a good deal. We never felt any pressure from them. One of our favorite attributes about Michael and Tina is that they run their business with integrity. We are very happy with our new home and definitely recommend them to others looking for a new home.”


Home Buyer, Mountain View, CA – June 13, 2011:

“Tina did an exceptional job in our recent home purchase. She was customer oriented and very resourceful. Guiding us throughout the ‘home shopping journey’, she provided invaluable insights in remodeling and ‘total cost of ownership’. She supported us many late evenings to draft up offers and to discuss our purchase decision. Having someone working closely with us made the stressful process much more enjoyable. I highly recommend Tina to anyone looking for a personable and efficient real estate professional.”


Home Buyer, San Jose, CA – May 2, 2011:

“Tina is very passionate with us when showing us the properties and also guiding us through the home buying process. She is very responsive with both email and phone. I am currently having problem with loan process and closing date and Tina is on top of it getting the process easier for us.”


Home Buyer, San Jose, CA – December 16, 2010:

“Tina is our friendly real estate agent. She understands our needs, and tell us what we can (and cannot) achieve. We especially like her extensive tools for calculating various metrics on house ownership and renting. We highly recommend Tina as a real estate professional.”


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