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Best Schools for Your Money

p>A list of the nation's top 10 cities with top-performing public schools challenges the idea that the best schools can only be found in the most expensive housing markets, announced a report from and In the South Bay, there are also high performing school districts with reasonable median home prices. These are some of my picks.

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Warm Springs

Warm Springs shares the same zip codes as Mission San Jose but under a different high school. While Mission San Jose is one of the nation’s top 100 high schools, the houses prices are just as high, starting in the $900K’s. Warm Springs belongs to the Fremont Unified under Irvington high. The elementary schools give top performance and the middle school and high school have been making great improvement in the past couples of year. An entry-level single family home starts at $500K’s. They are also newer condos and townhouses in the area for young families.


Union is a K-8 elementary school district that spans across San Jose and Los Gatos city boundaries and zip codes. 4 of 6 elementary schools are in

the 900’s and both of the middle schools are close to 900’s. The high school is Leigh High in Campbell Union with API score in the low 800’s. With all the good students progressing from Union school district to Leigh High, I expect Leigh’s performance to keep advancing in the next few years. The starting price of a SFR in Union School district in San Jose city boundary is only $400K. As the school boundary is irregular in shape and not aligned with major streets, you should work with a realtor who’s familiar with the area.

There are also many elementary and middle schools that stand out from its school districts. Feel free to share them under comment

Tina Lam