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Setting up the Footer (widgetized areas)

The footer is entirely made up of 4 Widgetized areas. When you go to Appearance -> Widgets, you’ll see Footer1, Footer2, Footer3, and Footer4. Here is how we set up the demo footer:


We dragged in the “Recent Posts” widget into this Widget area.


This is a standard Text Widget. Drag a Text Widget in there and give it a title and some content.


The Google Maps is actually a Text Widget. You’ll need to go to and find your business location. Then click on the button called “Link” in the top right of the screen. Then click the “Customize and Preview embedded map” link.

In the window that pops up enter a custom size of Width: 200 and Height: 180. Then copy the code at the bottom to the clipboard, and then paste it into your text widget. In the code, i also removed all text inside and including the <small> tag.

See this video to see how I got the Google Map text for the text widget.


The fourth and last footer widgetized area uses the “Contact Us” widget. Drag it into the Footer4 widget area, and fill in the textboxes with your contact information.

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