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The Search Engine Pros Scam Realtors

About twice a month, I get an annoying telemarketing call from a company calling themselves The Search Engine Pros.  Usually, I just ignore them, but since they’re so incessant, I sat through their whole pitch this time.

Here’s how it goes.  They usually start off asking if I sold real estate in a certain area.  Since the question is quite specific, it leads me to believe that they’re calling off our profiles, so this should apply to generic viagra all Realtors.

Then, they will go through a crafted script telling me about the kind of searches done on Google and that they’ll be adding my profile to their special “system” to get me some arbitrarily large number of leads.  Sounds reasonable enough since they didn’t mention any cost involved.  But once I accept their offer, they go on to tell me how I’ll need to sign up to a program with a monthly cost.  Of course, that’s where it gets into a bait-and-switch situation.

Since I didn’t want to get anymore calls, I insist they honor their first non-conditional offer to give me priority placement on Google.  Needless to say, it gets ugly from there.  They end up screaming at me and hung up the phone.  I’m hoping that finally gets my number off their call list.  I get my leads from quality referrals.

I did some research on these guys.  Here’s their website: and contact number: (775) 636-8181.  They appear to be a bunch of loosely affiliated telemarketers looking to leach off California real estate agents.  Obviously, I hope no one fell for it, and if anyone has even considered it, I recommend just hanging up when they call.

Michael Cheng