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Non-Luxury Vehicles Are Embracing Silicon Valley Tech

The prevalence of technology is extending from the faraway reaches of Silicon Valley and is making its way into the homes of everyday people. Smart-phones are becoming smart watches and the act of modernizing a home is nothing short of robotic. With the evolution of self driving cars and driver assistance, manufacturers are beginning to implement technology in vehicles as well. Our morning commutes and ways that we interact with our homes are changing rapidly.


Cameras for a home used to feel like something that was only necessary for a compound. Now we can replace our doorbell with a camera and monitor it from our phones with ease. It’s an interesting time to purchase or update a home. Companies such as Nest are changing the way we monitor our energy bills and can help us save energy by automatically turning off lights and limiting the usage of air conditioning when unnecessary.


The non-luxury vehicle market is seeing changes as well.  Some prime examples of this can be seen with vehicles such as the Nissan Altima which has CarPlay coming standard. These models also have technologies which implement ease of phone connectivity and some additional monitoring features when managing a car that is potentially shared with multiple people. Many other affordable cars are starting to resemble what could only until recently be found in luxury vehicles. Many come with touch screens, Amazon Alexa compatibility, the ability to connect a smartwatch, even heated steering wheels. Whether we’re in our living room or on the road, we’re finding ways to stay connected.


As connectivity becomes a more central focus for both consumers and manufacturers, homes and cars are beginning to bridge the gap between everyday living and communication. As technology becomes more prevalent in everyday life we should expect to see specific technological amenities become more affordable and trickle down towards more homely economic uses.

Matt Lawler

Matt Lawler is an Internet marketing specialist from Tempe, Arizona where he attended Arizona State University. Whenever he can step away from the computer, Matt enjoys playing sports, traveling and exploring the great outdoors.