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How to Get Around San Jose

In the heart of Silicon Valley, surrounded by rolling greens, lies the great San Jose. Being one of the bigger cities, there is a lot of energy that circulates in this youthful area. But, with an abundance of people, comes even more traffic. Navigating your way through the streets and highways of San Jose, California can be frustrating at times. This is why it is important to figure out what vehicle you should drive. Choosing the right car can be the difference between road rage, or a very nice and peaceful ride. Here, you will find the best ways to navigate San Jose and hopefully discover which way is best for you.

Public transportation

In San Jose, California, there is no shortage of public transportation to get you around. There is an extensive light rail system that is sure to get most people around to where they need to be. Plus, you can enjoy yourself a nice little chat with people you notice commuting with you often. The same can go for the bus transit. If your commutes are not that far, you can even try taking one of the bike rental options that San Jose offers.

Useful apps

Everybody knows that you can easily get around using your phone. Ride sharing apps such as Lyft and Uber are taking over everywhere. This is a great option if you don’t have any other choices, or, if you want to get somewhere faster. However, if you are using your own vehicle, you will want to take a look for a nice parking application. Apps like SpotHero are great for reserving your spot ahead of time – all while getting an awesome discount on your parking spot.

Vehicles for navigating the traffic

There is one particular vehicle that comes to mind when one is considering getting through traffic quickly. Can you guess? It is a motorcycle! The two-wheeled beast can zip you through traffic in no time. California law also states that you can take on the carpool lane by yourself. Obviously, the cost for speed is less safety. It is super important that one takes the crucial steps to not cause any danger to themselves or others. If this is all accounted for, then you are good to go! It’s worth mentioning that the gas mileage on most motorcycles is very high, so one would definitely spend much less money on gas.

Common all-around cars

Great vehicles for all around navigation are hatchbacks and crossovers. Take three or four of your favorite people and go on a mini trip right to San Francisco! The gas mileage that you get on most of these vehicles will still be great, without sacrificing the safety. In fact, some compact cars and hatchbacks are rated among the highest cars for safety. If you are looking for a car to give to a child coming of age, pick one of these. Just be sure to pick one with some style.

Clean solution

When considering clean car options, Tesla seems to dominate the competition. Electric cars are the way of the future, and what better way to drive around in Silicon Valley than in one of the most technology advanced cars around. The only problem is that they can be costly. Some would argue that it is worth the cost when they can trust the auto pilot and advanced features in the car. Just like your smartphone, your Tesla will receive updates to make it better. Even the key for the car is unbelievably high tech and well designed. It certainly is a great option if you are looking for a more clean, advanced solution to get around.

Vehicles with style

Okay, let’s admit it, we’ve all wanted a car that makes people double take. Getting one of these cars out there will sure boost your confidence. It just comes with a price – obviously. You will have to take into consideration the higher MSRP, lower gas mileage, higher gas prices, and less safety. That is if you are going with a muscle or sports car. If you are going with a truck or a hummer, you won’t have to worry as much about the safety aspect. If you want that car, got get that car. It certainly is possible in Silicon Valley.

Family option

You know, SUVs don’t have to be such a stereotype, but it is the best fit! Your average SUVs will be able to fit up the whole family, and then more. They’re also great for organization. Plus, SUVs are starting to take up really great looks. For something with better gas mileage, try a crossover vehicle with a hatchback. Navigating through San Jose really will not be that bad as long as you take your comfort seriously while picking you vehicle. With all the options available, comfort should not be an issue. Good luck on the roads and drive safe!

Matt Lawler

Matt Lawler is an Internet marketing specialist from Tempe, Arizona where he attended Arizona State University. Whenever he can step away from the computer, Matt enjoys playing sports, traveling and exploring the great outdoors.