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Maximize Remote Working Productivity with These Home Office Design Tips

It is widely said that change is constant in life. Unlike any other time in human history, many people now have to work from their homes these days. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have directed their employees to work from home, and many firms now recruit mainly people that will work remotely. Either this development is new to you, or you’ve been working from home for a while, working from home offers you some flexibility to complete your assigned tasks. But sometimes this flexibility has the potential to make you lose focus and therefore hinder your productivity.

That said, there are some design tricks that can help you maximize your productivity while still working from home. Some of these will include strategically placing acoustic ceiling cloud panels or making use of countertops in your home. 

1. Install Acoustic Ceiling Cloud Panels To Get Rid Of Unwanted Sounds

Working from home sometimes comes with some extra baggage. You are probably required to join zoom, skype, or some form of virtual meetings. It is important you maintain professionalism by making sure all unnecessary, distracting sounds are eliminated. If you are not living alone, probably have kids running around, friends saturating the environment with loud music, or that disturbing noise from your neighbor’s lawnmower, working from home can seem to be a huge challenge.

Installing hexagon acoustic panels can make a huge difference as they will absorb unnecessary sounds while adding quality and professionalism to your virtual meetings. One great feature of these panels is that they are fully customizable to suit your style and, most significantly, your needs. 

2. Get A Work Desk 

When setting up your home workspace, it is important to keep in mind that one way to maximize your productivity is to feel as much as possible like you are still in your regular office space. One step to achieving this is by having a desk dedicated to your work.

This desk needs to be durable, look appealing, and, at the same time, it should feel and look professional. Deciding on a desk that would seamlessly fit into the aesthetics of your home might be confusing as there are a wide range of different desk designs as well as materials used in making them, such as those with countertops made of quartz, aluminum, or even a wooden desk with the best interior wood stain option on the market.

3. Lighten up your home 

It is no new fact that letting in natural light can boost productivity. That is why if you have noticed, many offices are normally designed to let in as much natural light as possible. So when setting up your home office, this is one factor that requires your consideration. Still, as you consider letting in natural light into your home office, you need to make sure that the light coming in will not be shining directly either into your eyes or on your computer screen.

True! You probably cannot do anything about your windows’ positioning, but what you can do is get some blinds, curtains, or drapes to moderate the sunlight coming in or even insert replacement windows. 

4. Set Up A Wall

When working from home, one of the biggest challenges that are sometimes very difficult to overcome is a distraction. At home, there seems to be an unlimited source of things that hamper your focus. So it is essential you design your home office space in a way that helps minimize these distractions or totally eliminates them.

Setting up a wall between you and the television or a room that other members of your household frequently make use of can help you eliminate distractions and focus better as they allow you to have privacy while working.

Jordan Swift